We Come Prepared

No project is too big or too small for Trim, Test & Press.

We come prepared with both a designated dry-trimming machine and a wet-trimming machine.

The Potency Testing Equipment can test everything from flower to concentrate to biomass to edibles and beyond.

The NugSmasher Touch Rosin Press can create mouthwatering solvent-less rosin that will greatly enhance what's in your stash!

We bring state-of-the-art equipment to provide the highest quality service and best results.

We know you’ll love what we do.

before&after dbt1.jpg

Dry  Trimming

Gentle Trim Technology delivering hand-trim-like-quality in a fraction of the time!

Dry Trim up to 8 Pounds Per Hour!

Through unique Soft Tumbler Technology, the DBT1 produces a hand-quality trim quality. This reduces trichome loss and produces the highest quality machine trimmed product possible. The result is pristine customer-ready flower, trim, and kief for extracts!!!


Wet Trimming

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Wet Trim up to 10 Pounds Per Hour!

Using the TableTop Trimmer, the most efficient tumble style trimmer in the world, can replaces over 12 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. The powerful design is capable of processing up to 15 pounds of wet flower per hour!

Scott's OG Rosin CoA Jan 2, 2022.PNG

Potency Testing

Time to know your show!

Test the potency of your flower, isolate, rosin, edibles, tinctures and young plants and receive a Certificate of Analysis to keep track of your harvests! The Certificate provides a terpene percentage analysis along with the THC potency and can help identify if you harvested too early!

NugSmasher Touch Rosin Press.JPG

Rosin Pressing

Take your flower to the next level and press into solventless rosin; incredibly potent dabs while unlocking the full terpenes of your bud! Expect yield return results between the 10-20% range; truly depends on quality of flower. We use the NugSmasher Touch, designed by connoisseurs , used by connoisseurs!