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Trim Test & Press

Welcome to Trim Test & Press.
Proudly serving Beautiful B.C.

Mobile Cannabis Solutions

Mobile Trimming ~ HPLC Potency Tracking & Analysis ~ Solvent-Less Extraction

Mobile Trimming

Dry Trim. Wet Trim. Indoor. Outdoor. We come prepared.

Mobile Testing

Know your Grow!

Predict your harvest.

Understand your Concentrates.

Bridge Intuition with Data!

Mail in testing

We get it, security is key, mail it in!

If you are in Canada, just put it in a smell proof container, label it, ship it! 

solvent-less extraction

Take your home grown to the next level! 


Mail in your samples, receive a Certificate of Analysis. Know your grow and understand your concentrates like never before. 19 Cannabinoids Analyzed Maximum Sample Allowance is 30 Grams or Equivalent. Combinations of concentrates and flower are permitted, we've built a calculator to keep overages from happening but for more info check out Health Canada's Online calculator: Limits for public possession of cannabis.

mail in testing
mobile cannabis solutions


We come to you prepared!

Dry or Wet Trimming Services for Big Jobs or Little Jobs! 

 Extremely Accurate HPLC Cannabinoid Analysis with Same-Day Certificate of Analysis provided Capable of Testing

Flower, Bio-Mass, Young Plant, Raffinate, Concentrates, Vape Carts, Edibles, Tinctures, Distillate

Solvent-less Organic Rosin Pressing Service Using 12-ton Digital Nugsmasher Touch!

Cannabis Trimming to Cannabis Testing to Cannabis Concentrates, Trim Test & Press loves the craft!

Let Trim Test & Press Take Your Grow From Good To Great!


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mobile cannabis solutions

Proudly Serving Beautiful B.C.


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Matching Quality with Efficiency!

The Twister QC Conveyor Belt is the assurance you deserve and the quality you've come to expect from Trim Test & Press!


Every bud that passes through the trimmer gets a visual inspection.

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