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Mobile Trimming & Bucking | Hemp & Cannabis Potency Testing | Solventless Extraction

Proudly Serving Beautiful B.C


Trim Test & Press is designed for the cultivator, home-grower, processor and connoisseur.


Trim Test & Press has helped the home grower , micro cultivator and licensed producers buck & trim their harvests since January 2022.

Dramatically reduce your trim costs and exposure. Be done in a day while maintaining quality.


Measure up to 14 Cannabinoids & receive a same-day CoA. Ideal for pheno-hunters, cultivators, concentrate processors, cannabis aficionados, bulk buyers, home growers and anyone wanting to know more. Document your harvests. Quantify your craft.. 


Intended for the ACMPR, MMAR & home-grower, Trim Test & Press offers bespoke pressing services for those looking to diversify their harvest and offerings with solventless, organic rosin. 


About Us

Get to Know Trim Test & Press

Trim Test & Press is borne to be of service!

TTP started small. In September 2021 we licensed, had all our equipment by December and in January 2022 we opened.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be growing and working alongside you, the Legacy Rec & Medicinal Home Growers, Health Canada Micro Cultivators, Licensed Producers and enthusiasts!

100's of Bucking & Trimming hours have been put in, over 2,000 flower and concentrate samples have been tested and pounds of rosin have been pressed and mail-in samples have come from as east as Nova Scotia and as north as Yellowknife!


We are a Discreet, Hard-Working, Quality Driven Small Canadian Business working to offer you services that fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.



Dry Trimming. Wet Trimming. Bucking.

Indoor or Outdoor.

Hemp and Cannabis Trimming for the home grower to licensed producer.

Bucking and trimming bud can be very time consuming and costly.

With Trim Test & Press' Bucker, Conveyor Belts and Automated Trimmer, we can buck and trim your harvest in a fraction of the time & cost while maintaining great trim quality.



This is for the pheno-hunter, cultivator, processor whether you are a home grower or a licensed producer. Test the potency of your hemp & cannabis flower, isolate, concentrates, distillates, edibles, tinctures and young plants and receive a Certificate of Analysis. 

Know your Grow! Identify and Isolate your prize phenos early!

Predict your harvest. Understand your Concentrates.

Bridge Intuition with Data!

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Great way to start dabbing is by pressing your home grown into rosin! Take your home grown to the next level! 

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Perfect for the home grower or concentrate enthusiast.

Test the potency of your hemp & cannabis flower, isolate, concentrates, distillates, edibles, tinctures and young plants and receive a Certificate of Analysis. 

Know your Grow! Understand your Concentrates.

Bridge Intuition with Data!

 Simply mail it in!

Clearly label your sample. 

Put your samples in a smell proof envelope.

Send it! 

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Stop scrolling for 'trimming machine for weed' or 'dry trim vs wet trim' or 'how to trim bud,' call us instead and let TTP professionally take care of your harvest.

Testing Labs near me - Home Grower needs weed tester! Hey!! Hello!!! Couldn't be easier. 

We come to you or you Mail it In!

Rosin Pressing, how to rosin press... You could just call TTP

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mobile cannabis solutions

Proudly Serving Beautiful B.C.


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