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Hemp & Cannabis Testing
& Harvest Tracking

Mobile Testing | Minimum Requirements Apply

Trim Test & Press comes to you and delivers actionable same day results that can help predict harvest readiness (CBG-A), analyze 14 Cannabinoids in Flower and Concentrates and provide a Certificate of Analysis for your growing records.


It's Time to Know Your Grow! Understand Your Extracts! Predict Your Harvest!

Test the potency of your hemp & cannabis flower, isolate, concentrates, distillates, edibles, tinctures and young plants and receive a Certificate of Analysis.

Harvest Tracking

Harvesting at Peak Cannabinoid Content can save tens of thousands in energy, nutrient and labour costs. If the final product contains high CBG-A values, it was harvested too early. Give Trim Test & Press a call and we will come to your facility and test a live plant on-site and provide same day CoA's.

Selecting Clones

Once several clones are established, it is possible to measure the THC:CBD ratio. By selecting clones based on desired cannabinoid ratios, the end product will remain consistent and dialed in. Protect your genetic lines and identify outliers in young plants.

Potency Analysis for Cultivators

Make informed decisions to identify best harvest timing. Understand each hemp and cannabis crop variance. Monitor the cure and avoid high CBN and unexpected Delta9 values. Measure Cannabinoid value not plant weight. Test seedlings to maximize breeding efforts. Understand basic terpene amounts across cultivars.

Potency Testing for Individuals

Lab quality testing available to the home grower cultivating their four cannabis plants and to the legal ACMPR cultivator. If you are a home grower and want to elevate your garden, call TTP today and we'll come to you, run some tests and provide same day Certificate of Analysis that allows you to make immediate and actionable decisions! Minimum of 3 tests ~ Alternatively, mail in your sample(s) if you don't have 3 tests to run.

Certificate of Analysis

Receive a Certificate of Analysis on the same day allowing you to make immediate and actionable decisions. Build your library and know your grow like never before!

Phenotyping in Breeding Programs

A successful breeding program requires a clear objective. TTP can help you identify characteristics that support your brands' competitive advantage and meet customers preferences for specific cannabinoids. Phenotyping coupled with access to real-time, on-site cannabinoid test data can be used to rapidly inform which genetics are carried forward more confidently than ever before. 

Grow Optimization

Testing the cannabinoid content of different plants within the room or field will identify lighting hot spots and opportunities to optimize nutrients and assist in producing a more consistent cannabinoid-rich yield across the cultivation.

Potency Analysis for Extractors

Improve quality control and run more efficient extractions. Screen spent product for remaining THC content and refine processes to limit loss. Prevent negative equipment issues for example, high levels of Delta10 THC can signify a vacuum leak or overprocessing and CBN can identify THC breakdown. Lead the lab, know your products and improve your quality through process controls! Call Trim Test & Press today!

Moisture Balance

Every flower tested gets run through the Ohaus MB23 Moisture Balancer; we believe this to be a necessity for optimized test results.  This Complimentary service is usually an add-on for the big labs but this process provides the most accurate test results possible which is why we include it; know more, do better!

~ HPLC Potency Testing ~

onsite cannabis testing

Extraction Waste from 4.5% to 1%

One extraction client was testing their waste and discovered that it still contained 4.5% THC, by the next test it was down to 1%! They were able to make an immediate adjustment and retain more THC resulting in more earnings!

What we test and what we test for
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