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Mobile Pressing
Solventless Extraction | Heat & Pressure
Experience Your Harvest | Organic Rosin | Solventless Concentrate

Trim Test & Press can help you realize the full potential of your flower.

We use heat and pressure to organically extract beautifully concentrated rosin from your homegrown buds, a completely solventless experience.

Enjoy your harvest concentrated!

There is nothing better than having flower and organic concentrates that your harvested!

Call TTP today and let's get pressing.

Minimum 1 Pound. 

Solventless Extraction

Press your flower into rosin, a 100% organic process to concentrate your harvest into an exceptional product. Get Pressed with Trim Test & Press.

Mail In Service- Coming Soon

Mail in up to 30 grams of your flower to be pressed into Rosin! We smash your flower and send it right back to you ASAP. Take your home-grown to the next level! Coming Soon.

Research & Development

Great way to uncover if your strain is good under pressure! Not every strain is a winner, call TTP to weed out the ones that won't cut it!

~ Solvent-Less Rosin Extraction ~

solventless rosin cannabis concentrates

100% Organic Extraction

Using only heat and pressure, rosin is 100% organic. That's right, no solvents added to the process to make this beautifully concentrated extract!  As long as your flower is clean and free of pesticides, mold & fungus, let's smash!

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