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Cannabis testing has come a long way and understanding your CoA is more than just total THC. Here's a quick overview of a concentrate sample CoA and what it all means when you look past the total THC reading.

understanding a concentrate coa

When you start to look past the total thc percentage you can really start to understand your craft and process with purpose. Identify cannabinoids that can differentiate your offerings from the competition. Read the CoA to see if there is a potential processing issue. Test your Raffinate to see what you are still leaving behind.

The more you know the better; know more, do better.

Identify Market Trends!!

Does your concentrate have any identified cannabinoids beyond THC?

Are you offering full spectrum?

THC-V is a known appetite suppressant, CBG is being researched for it's neuroprotective properties. Knowing what cannabinoids are or are not present in your concentrates can be a game changer.

What's In Your Waste?

Get your raffinate tested (spent product) to see if you've capture all that you can! Once the processor had the data, he knew to do better and did just that!

raffinate coa
raffinate coa

"I went from leaving 4.5% THC on my raffinate to 1.5%." – Adam

Don't Leave Room For Doubt!

Is that shake as good as you think? Did you overprocess your product? Is there a potential vacuum leak? When you start to look beyond the Total THC percentage and start looking at the other cannabinoids you can really start to bridge the gap with intuition and data.

Get On-Site Testing & Ensure Quality

Trim Test & Press comes to you and provides onsite testing with same day result, that's right, you can get your concentrates coa 's on the same day. When it comes to perfecting your craft, its critical to get the data. It's not all about the THC, even though it's still our favourite cannabinoid.

Concentrates CoA- More Than Just Total THC

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