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Testing for Extractors- More than just THC!

You're working hard at your craft and creating connoisseur quality concentrates, you don't need potency testing, right? Maybe.

Getting tested by TTP can help identify potential areas for improvement.

Do you test your waste? Are you testing for CBN? How about Delta10?

Get a handle on your waste percentages and find out for certain if you are leaving anything behind? A CBN reading can indicate there's too much decarbing going on. Delta10 can signify a vacuum leak; are you sure that expensive equipment is being effectively used? Below is an example of how Trim Test & Press helped one client dial in their process. The client had their raffinate (waste) tested and was shocked to see 4.5%THC left behind.

Within two weeks I was back testing the clients waste and was proud to see only 1.5%THC residual.

No matter the size of your operation, testing for other cannabinoids and understanding your CoA can help you understand your concentrates, make marginal gains, and stand-out.

Be informed. Get Tested. Know More. Do Better.

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